Saturday, July 18, 2009

Carousel Revelry

Almost two months have past since the Carousel Revelry show at Bender’s Bar on May 30th, but we just got the videos from the show up on YouTube, so it’s been on my mind. After months of hard work on my end- booking dancers, booking the bands, getting someone to design a flyer (thanks David!), finding a venue, promoting, organizing, meeting with the sound guy, rehearsing, and sending and receiving a gazillion emails- the show finally came together in one glorious night of belly dance and rock ’n roll.
Carousel Revelry was a huge success- not bad for my first production! We had 11 fabulous dancers: Alodiah and Avaishya (Carousel Belly Dance), Avielle, Joie Mazor (My Red Heart with Leopard Print Tan Top), Evie, Alison, Mary Ann, Robyn Lovejoy, and Lydia, Lauren, and Jeannette as a trio. The dancers came from a variety of backgrounds: tribal fusion, American Tribal Style, cabaret, Egyptian, and so forth. And quite an eclectic mix of music! Everything from vintage jazz to rock to oriental to a live ukulele player (Leopard Print Tank Top).
The Ferocious Few was the opening band and did they ever rock out! Danny (on drums) and Francisco (singer/guitarist) make up the whole band but they sure live up to their name. Francisco has a gorgeous voice that makes the girls swoon and Danny seems to play the drums with all his soul. Alodiah and I busted out some dance moves during “Heaven and Hell” and “Loc’d Out”. Belly dancing to rock and roll? We’re calling it “rock-a-belly”! Yes, cheesey, I know, but the phrase fits.
It was Avielle’s birthday that night and all the girls met downstairs in the “dressing room” and sang “happy birthday”. I made yummy chocolate vegan cupcakes. The dressing room was really just the storage room with some mirrors and carpet laid out. But when you’re performing in a bar, you make do!
Castles in Spain was the headlining band. They were the first band that I saw in San Francisco, almost 6 years ago. And they had belly dancers at that show, too! Castles in Spain is a good mix of rock and world fusion. I really don’t know how else to describe them. Other than that front woman, Biatchi, can captivate the audience both with her voice and with her charm. Alodiah performed to “Again”- Castles in Spain’s last song of the night. Alodiah is such a trooper, dancing at 1:30 in the morning!
The best part of the night? We sold out and everyone got paid! No, the best part was having a bunch of fans and friends there to support the artists. And did I mention that I was the MC for the night? Never perform while organizing while being the MC- too many hats to wear! I kept forgetting my lines, but luckily, everyone was too drunk to notice.

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evesorange said...

That was a fantastic night! I'm grateful to hear your stories and accounts. I miss u tons Jas!

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