Monday, September 7, 2009

What it's Like to Work with a Gay Male Belly Dancer

(who's incredibly hot!)
When one thinks of belly dance, a voluptuous woman often comes to mind (in fact, the first comment I usually receive when I tell someone I'm a belly dancer is, "Really? But you don't have a belly!"). Ah, the stereotypes of belly dance. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes can be great belly dancers. And surprisingly enough, so can men.
There's been a resurgence of male belly dancers lately, and most (but not all) are gay. And it is such a tease! Belly dancing is a great workout, so most male belly dancers have amazing bodies- six pack abs, solid biceps, and a NICE ass!
Zadiel Sasmaz, the director of my dance company, is a case in point. Just the other day, I was sitting in rehearsal with Eyyam and Cathy. Zadiel was changing in the corner. We couldn't help but look over (what girl could resist). "Darn," I said, "It's too bad he's gay." Eyyam jumped up and said, "No, it's not like 'darn'. It's more like," and she pretended to kick the wall and stomp the ground and pull out her hair. See what these male belly dancers are doing to us?!
No, but really, we love them, the gay male belly dancers. They're kindred spirits, and awesome performers. And there are lots of perks to hanging out with them. I went out to the most popular gay club in Berlin with Zadiel, Rachid (another male belly dancer), Eyyam and Cathy. It was great to be with the best dancers in the club, and to be surrounded by the hottest men (even though they were so unavailable to us girls).
Also, I never have to worry about doing my own makeup for a show, because if a gay man is handy, chances are he's been to some form of beauty school (and I know that is a stereotype, but it's often been my experience!).
Lastly, the gay male belly dancers always love me just for my dancing, because I'll never be eye candy to them. Except, maybe, in my dreams.
Videos links to some great male belly dancing:
Zadiel Sasmaz
Rachid Alexander


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