Sunday, August 30, 2009


Located on Karl Marx Str. in downtown Neukolln (Berlin), Sandfuersten is more than your typical shisha (hookah) bar. For starters, the floor is made entirely of sand. The kind of sand that is in the desert. There is a raised area at the back of the club that is not sand, but I liked the sandy area best. The walls alternate between floor-to-ceiling mirrors and beautiful paintings depicting scenery from the middle east. There are two rooms with a spacious hallway connecting the two. The room in the back has a fountain and is the best spot to watch the belly dancer.
Belly dancers also make the bar unique. Belly dancers perform Friday and Saturday nights. Wilson and I met a friend at Sandfuersten for a hookah, but mainly to see Laura perform. Laura and I share the same dance company, Zadiraks Dancers, which is directed by Zadiel Sasmaz.
The performance was beautiful, complete with shimmies, gorgeous costuming, and a cane dance in which she balanced the cane on her head. So worth the $4 hookah.

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