Friday, August 28, 2009

Wild at Heart

In the heart of Kreutzburg is the infamous rock and roll club “Wild at Heart”, Wilson Gil's favourite rock club in Berlin. We performed on a Monday night, which is the “Great Country Swindle” night. The club wasn’t as packed to the brim with seedy, friendly, punk, hipster, rockabilly, crazy motherfuckers as it usually is, but Wilson and I still rocked the house.
How do I describe Wilson Gil's music? It’s a mix of grunge and country and punk and rock. It’s Johnny Cash meets Nirvana and they decide to jam with the Ramones. And it sure is fun to dance to. Wilson’s crooning has been quoted as “serial killer suave” and I’d have to agree.
We were opening for a gypsy punk band from Australia called “Juke Baritone and the Swamp Dogs.” I love those guys. Juke is a crazy Aussie front man who resembles the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. The Swamp Dogs are all professionally trained musicians and they can rip their instruments to shreds with their melodies. I felt truly wild at heart as I danced with Juke Baritone and his Swamp Dogs; I love releasing my inner gypsy.

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