Tuesday, August 4, 2009

White Trash Fast Food Club

My first dancing gig in Berlin and it was at a place called the “White Trash”. So, I was expecting a dive bar and was wondering what I had gotten myself into- until I saw the club. Asian inspired décor meets tattoo parlour. Chandeliers, Chinese lions, punk rock posters, country western memorabilia, gothic accents, and low lighting gave the restaurant an edgy, cowboy-bohemian vibe. Plus, the place was enormous. Three different levels, with the restaurant splayed out on the top two (complete with stage, DJ area, game lounge, and bar) and the rock club in the basement (complete with tattoo parlour).
The show got started kind of late, but I was on by 10:40pm. The carpeted stage gave my feet rug burn, but I pulled some slinky moves and travelled throughout the restaurant. The booker wanted me for the club because of my vintage jazz performances, so I played up the vibe with ruffles and feathers.
After my set, a band called “Radiant” went on. They were crooners, kind of a U2/Cold Play vibe. They chatted with us after the show (“us” being Wilson and our friend, Saskia). Nice boys from Texas.
The “White Trash Fast Food Club” treats their performers to food and drink. I ordered the vegetarian chili fries. Yum. The menu was crazy. I’m sure I’m miss-quoting, but they had things like the “fuck you burger”. The menu said the chili fries would make me fat “just like on reality TV”. But so far, so good.
Also, I have to say that the DJs for the night played some killer rock sets.
We lost track of the time and realized around 12:30am that it would be after 1:00am by the time the band was finished breaking down their set. I was exhausted from two hours of rehearsal with Zadiraks dance company earlier that day and was not looking forward to performing my second set. Of course, I rallied myself and pulled off a great finish. Ta-daa!

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